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About APRI Armenia

The Applied Policy Research Institute of Armenia (APRI Armenia) is an independent think tank and policy accelerator focused on advancing regional stability, sustainable prosperity, and civic engagement.


Our programs and initiatives are oriented toward concrete problem-solving through public policy innovation. Through our strategic research and convening activities, APRI Armenia facilitates breakthrough ideas and multistakeholder initiatives for positive change in our region. 


The launch of APRI Armenia in 2022 came in response to a dire need for deep insight, dynamic policy dialogue, and clear understanding of Armenia in its geopolitical and domestic context. It also sought to create a space to work on critical policy issues in a constructive and collaborative professional atmosphere. 

APRI Armenia was formed following an extensive 18-month design process that  included pilot projects, feedback from key stakeholders, and guidance from a  network of advisors from around the world. Its operations will grow over the months and years to come, through a culture that adapts to the needs of the day and constantly improves its model of impact. 


APRI Armenia is an organization founded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), a global philanthropic organization more than a century old.


APRI Armenia’s outputs are designed to deliver concrete impact. Both the substance and the delivery mechanisms are developed in close consultation with the public sector, private sector and civil society partners—based in Armenia or abroad—who will be the end users and beneficiaries of our efforts. 

APRI Armenia channels its impact through four different conduits:

  1. Targeted research, by understanding the data and dynamics that hold the answer to making changes on the ground, with a focus on solutions and the relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem

  2. Upskilling and education, by providing executive modules, seminars, and creative learning experiences to help professionals in government and civil society do better work in policy

  3. Strategic convening and new network creation, by connecting experts and practitioners, planting the seeds for productive relationships that can catalyze change and execute the best ideas for Armenia’s development

Publications and media, by producing solution-oriented papers for select stakeholders with individualized rollout strategies as well as authoring analytical pieces in foreign specialized press.

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